Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dolls Puppen lehti - Dolls Puppen Magazine

Nyt se on ilmestynyt! Uusin Dolls Puppen - saksalainen nukkelehti (6/08 December/Januar), ja siinä on minun fantasiatöistäni kolmen sivun artikkeli! Tuntuu oikein hyvältä olla esiteltynä Keski-Euroopassa muiden nukentekijöiden joukossa. Tästä pääsette lehden kotisivulle: Dollami.
Valitettavasti lehdellä ei ole nettiversiota.

Now it has been published, the newest German Dolls Puppen magazine (6/08, December/January), and I am featured in it with three pages! I am so proud to be amongst the other European doll artists. Here is a link to the magazine homepage: Dollami. Unfortunately there is no web magazine available.


  1. Congratulations, you deserve it! You're work is wonderful :)


  2. Congratulations!!

    And thank you so much for posting in English...now I can read what you are saying along with seeing your beautiful work!

  3. Hello.. thanks for your comment on my blog :) Glad you have enjoyed your wanders at the Hermitage.. pleased to meet you and your works! And you are in Finland! We hope to get there one day in our house on wheels :)
    All best wishes to you from Scotland

  4. Thank you! Rima, how exciting you are coming to Finland!!! I would love to visit Scotland one day... it is SUCH a beautiful place.


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