Thursday, November 19, 2009

Työn alla - In Progress

Auringossa unelmoiva merenneito alkaa saada lihaa luidensa ympärille... Hän istuu kivellä riiputtaen pyrstöään reunan yli.

A basking mermaid is getting some flesh around her bones... She is sitting on a rock, her tail hanging over the edge.


  1. Начало замечательной работы! Осталось дождаться завершения!

  2. Ciao,sono Alessandra dall'italia...volevo solo dirti che i tuoi lavori sono davvero bellissimi! Io ho appena cominciato e spero di migliorare sempre più e adesso ho un nuovo modello in più a cui aspirare...ciao

  3. Hei, hieno tulossa taas. Oli kiva lukea tuo lehtijuttukin, kiitos kun esittelit.

  4. Hi there! I was looking for an email to respond to your comment on my blog about Paint Shop Pro.

    I posted an update on my blog that basically said that I had done some looking around, and found some great info on PSP. Although I won't be able to help you navigate and find which tools to substitute, it appears to have similar features to Photoshop and Elements, including masking and making brushes, so if you can get help, or already know how to navigate and find tools, you should be able to apply what I do with the Adobe products, and take the class.

    Hope that helps!


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